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Personal Experiences provides useful information for those affected by pneumothorax. If you would like to submit your experience click here.

Bilateral Pleurodesis Personal Experience

Back in 1999 when I was 18 years old I woke up one morning with the most awful pressure in my chest. I was short of breath but not drastically, what really struck me was that every time I took a step the impact of my foot on the ground sent a sharp stabbing pain up my right side.
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4 Spontaneous Pneumothoraces in Two Years

I am working as a Banker and basically I have had an easy life so far without lifting heavy weights or being sport oriented. Nevertheless, I have had 4 spontaneous pneumothoraces in the last two years.
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A Positive Pleurectomy Experience

After 3 SPs I was referred to the consultant thoracic surgeon at Southampton General Hospital and given an appointment to come in for a VAT pleurectomy.

18-Year Old with a Repeat Spontaneous Pneumothorax

I am an 18 year old male and I have just experienced my second medically confirmed spontaneous pneumothorax four days ago.

Pneumothorax Audio: Personal Experience

Pneumothorax.org is featuring an audio recording of a personal experience. We hope to make this a regular feature.

The voice over was provided by pneumothorax.org staff.

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Male with Two Surgical Treatments for a Pneumothorax

My story started in 1997, when I was beginning my final year of high school. I was driving back home from a trip to Calgary, Alberta were I had gone for Thanksgiving break.
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Seventeen Year Old Female: Spontaneous Pneumothorax Experience

I believe my penumo actually occured two weeks before I was admitted to the hospital. I was going to sleep and I had sharp shooting pain on the right side.
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Two Pneumothorax Experiences (28 year old male 5'8'')

The first time it happened I was getting ready to go to work--all of a sudden I got a sharp pain in my upper left chest and shoulder. I thought it was just gas pain and proceeded to get to work.
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Spontaneous Pneumothorax Experiences: 33 Year-Old Male

My first pneumothorax (right side) occured on my way to lunch. It felt mostly like bad heartburn, and I simply assumed that's what it was.

U.K. Pneumothorax Experience: 50 Year Old Male

I am a fifty-year-old male and my work involves organising and delivering training for public sector managers and supervisors. I was running a seminar with a small group of managers at a town-centre venue about 12 miles from my office.

A Rare And Severe Spontaneous/Tension Pneumothorax Experience

About 6 years ago i had three partial Lung Collapses that resulted only in getting to the hospital and making a X-ray and a few days rest.
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Spontaneous Pneumothorax: Female with Allergies

My first pneumothorax happened when I was in graduate school in 1991. I do not know what caused it though the Dr. who treated me thought there may have been some connection with allergies.
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Experience: Five Spontaneous Pneumothorax Collapses

I've had five Spontaneous Pneumothorax. Three times on the right and two times on the left, all in a space of about five years. Between the ages of 17 and 21. I'm currently 23 and have not had any further collapses...
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Keerat's Two Pneumothorax Experiences

I've had two spontaneous pneumothrax episodes. The first was when I was at work, when I felt my left chest and shoulder region go into a lot of pain. At first I thought that I'd pulled a muscle, but the chances of that happening while sitting seemed limited. I even thought it was a heart attack.
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Over 40 With A Spontaneous/Catamenial Pneumothorax

I was playing tennis and went to hit a forehand return when I felt something pull. I thought I had pulled a muscle in between my breasts, more on the right side. I didn't do anything until the next day...
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Karla's Personal Experience

In this experience, Karla had several reoccurring spontaneous pneumothoraces. Multiple chest tubes were unsuccessful in solving Karla's collapses. Ultimately, surgery was the only solution to her pneumothorax.
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Experience: Multiple Collapse - Video-assisted Surgery

I was sitting in my parents' living room and felt a strong pressure on my sternum. I'd had this before, and told everyone if I just lay on my stomach it would eventually feel better. Because it was in my chest, they insisted on taking me to the ER, where an x-ray determined my left lung was completely collapsed. I had a chest tube for about a week (ouch!), and was released. A week later, again I was sedentary at the time, it collapsed again--this time I knew what it was and went straight to the hospital. I had another chest tube, and a few days later, VAT with abrasion, not chemical treatment. After a few more days, I went home. All went well for a year, and then I was running and it went again. When I went to the hospital and they x-rayed, it was only slightly collapsed (the surgery appeared to be holding most of it in place), and no treatment was necessary.

Karim's Personal Experience Part 1 of 2

It was last summer when I was vacationing in central Indiana that I became aware of what a pneumothorax was. As I was driving I suddenly felt pressure in the left side of my chest. I immediately dismissed it as being "nothing" and continued to drive. Less than 15 minutes later, I was laying in my car in extreme pain. My chest felt like it was being squeezed, inside and out. I thought to myself, "Is it my heart? It can't be, I'm too young to have heart problems. Am I going to die? What could this possibly be?..."

Karim's Personal Experience: Part 2 of 2

Only weeks after my first spontaneous pneumothorax, I had a tension pneumothorax. The second collapse was 100% and was life-threatening. To read all about my experience and how I was treated click on the link below.
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Personal Experience: Sandra Bubner

I am a 27 yr. Female and I have had three spontaneous pneumothorax to date and refused surgery in Dec 2000.


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